Pronounced: Jen-Enj

Usually called “Gens” (P: Jens), a Geneng is an individual who has been genetically modified or engineered at some point in their lives, usually from birth (due to the high rate of genetic corruption later in life for most life forms). Gens are most often produced to be disease-immune and devoid of common genetic abnormalities or disorders native to the species. The technology’s development usually coincides with expansion and colonization for spacefaring sophontic species.

Occasionally Gens are produced with special traits or abilities not inherent to the species. For example, human Gens may inject a retrovirus that permanently reorganizes their DNA for high-altitude or low-oxygen environments.

Effects on Play

A player character may be “Geneng” so long as it fits into the profile of their species. Similar to transorganic enhancements, Genengs may purchase stat boosts or special abilities using refresh.

Examples of Geneng Enhancements


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