Far Reaches Consortium

High Concept: Amoral Resource Cartel

The FRC have made their fortune and reputation by exploiting backwater systems. They are incredibly adept at manipulation and “soft power” including espionage, assassination, and proxy wars to destabilize regions where more subtle methods fail. They skirt the lines of legality in the centralized worlds by using shell corporations, litigation, and bribes. They are known to employ Darkspacers frequently.

Trouble: Corporate Image

The FRC are incredibly unpopular in every system they operate in. Unlike most human-run corporations, they do not spend fortunes on public relations to mitigate the bad reputation and prejudice reserved for their species. Instead, they ignore their image and concentrate on their bottom line. This often backfires in the form of resistance, defections, and moral grandstanding from alien politicians, litigators, and champions.

History With The Crew

One-time employers of Nova and the closest, most powerful foreign influence in Broma. The FRC leads the pack in terms of development contracts in mining, terraforming, and exports from the system. They have a lot of reach, money, and resources.

Nova’s contact was a human woman named Clarkson.

Far Reaches Consortium

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