All sufficiently advanced species have a history of using transorganic technologies. These are any technologies that enhance the physical capabilities of an organic lifeform.

For some species, this is a necessary step in their adaptation to interplanetary life. For others, the uses are cosmetic, practical, or driven by violence.

Many humans have adopted a species-purist stance which rejects the use of transorganic tech as a homogenization of species diversity. Others have maintained the practice, even adopting the tech of other species in order to radicalize human abilities.

Effects on Play

A player character must purchase transorganic enhancements with Refresh. These enhancements can take many forms, including permanent (limited) boosts to ability scores, unusual stunts or immunities, etc. Particularly powerful enhancements may be more expensive or require FP to use during play.

Examples of Transorganic Enhancements

Prosthetic cybernetic limbs are by far the most common type of transorganic enhancement. Less dramatic enhancements usually consist of implants in the brain or sense organs, especially eyes.

Transorganic “hardware” is usually categorized based on the level of intrusiveness and the necessity of immunosuppressants to prevent rejection or infection. For most species, the replacement of internal organs is far more dangerous than the replacement of a hand or foot.


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